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Our beautiful client Samantha came to us searching for self love and empowerment. As for anyones first photoshoot, it's a little nerve wracking. You don't know the artists personally, you don't know the process, and um you're going to be naked behind a camera. Yeah I would be nervous too!

But once you conquer that first shoot... you'll never want to stop! Doing a boudoir photoshoot can be for so many reasons. Women do them as gifts but also for milestones they hit in their life. Sam came in for her first shoot upon getting married, and her second shoot was only FIVE months after giving birth!

Her first shoot was sweet, of course sexy, but a little more light hearted and angelic. Her second shoot gave goddess vibes, power, and brought the HEAT.

For shoot two we did a little more on the glam and her hair was longer. She had a new body to embrace, and she did just that!

You can tell how the vibe changes with each session. You are ALWAYS changing. Growing into a more beautiful version of yourself every day. Doing another shoot is almost as empowering if not more, than the first one.

No matter what the reason, the shoot and the photos are for YOU, always. Embracing your beauty inside AND out. Women are so often swamped with nurturing everyone else that we tend to lose the feeling of the BAD ASS women we are.


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