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Perfectly Imperfect

Why I chose right now to love myself and accept my body.

Danielle told me years ago to do a boudoir shoot, but I always said, “maybe when I lose weight,” or “when I’m a little tanner.” She never pushed or criticized me, but reminded me in her exact words, “You’re perfect exactly the way you are.”

Being told you’re beautiful and feeling beautiful are two very different things. It is true that we are our own worst critics, and sometimes it takes someone else to see the natural beauty that we exude. I am not sure why we choose to remember all of the criticisms we get but refuse to acknowledge that there’s truth in the positive as well.

woman in lingerie
"Understand, it was not because I was suddenly perfect or flawless"

When the opportunity presented itself this time I jumped at the chance. I have full confidence in Danielle’s vision and creativity and trust her judgment, so I never second-guessed the decision. Understand that it was not because I was suddenly perfect or flawless, but because I was ready to see myself the way others do. I wanted to see myself through an artist’s eyes and not the pictures I pick and choose (and over-filter) for social media.

Danielle’s photos radiate with the energy of the woman in them. She captured me in ways that I hadn’t imagined. I felt nervous and excited that morning, during the shoot I was unsure of myself – but pushed through because I had so much encouragement from Danielle. We laughed and had an amazing time.

When I saw the photos, I felt everything: surprised (“Is this my real face?”), relieved, emboldened, and so confident. Mostly I felt BEAUTIFUL!

We are so busy trying to be perfect in every area of life – loving at home, professional at work, perfect at school – there is no end to what we do for others. We give and give until we have nothing left for ourselves. Sometimes we forget how important self-love and self-care is. The value of stopping to rejoice in our accomplishments is vital. The day of my shoot, I chose to love and embrace my entire journey of life, and to celebrate myself my perfectly imperfect self.


Leave this beautiful soul some love! Cheers to you Ms. C, the journey is never easy but totally worth it. xx


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