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Dreaming of Destination

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

There is absolutely nothing like off location shoots. Im talking anywhere from city streets to deserts and beaches. Destination shoots are dreamy, no doubt.

Our past client Stacie wanted to celebrate her birthday with a bang! Meeting Danielle on the beautiful island of Hawaii for her fire 50th shoot. Wait until you see how incredible her images came out.

You don't always have to wear lingerie, simple pieces of fabric or oversized shirts speak so loudly...

The next round of photos are clients of Danielle's that live in Hawaii! They saw her work and said sign me UP. I mean how could they not take advantage of such an dope destination location being there home. These imagers are insane!

Okay I know this is quite the switch up but the streets of NYC or any city really is a whole vibe... Danika is from Canada, killing it in this Brooklyn shoot.

Destination shoots allow for so much creativity. They're artistic and each location tells its own story through the images.


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