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The Purpose Of Boudoir...

You might be interested in doing a boudoir photoshoot, but maybe you’re wondering what exactly is "boudoir"?

The word boudoir itself actually derives from a French word meaning a woman’s private bedroom. “Boudoir photography first emerged in the 1920s when nudity in photographs was illegal. During this decade, many boudoir photographers focused on plus-sized figured women against elaborate backdrops. In the 1940s, curvy pin-up girls in corsets and men’s ties became the focus”.

Fast forward to the 21st century and now boudoir is the ULTIMATE form of self empowerment. Of course you can gift the photos to whoever you’d like, but nothing beats the present of gifting it to the badass babe you are. Getting your hair and makeup done is an instant confidence booster, and during the shoot you learn to let go which is liberating. Once the final images are revealed the magic will never leave your soul. Most women carry a whole new love for themselves. Trust us and millions of women, when we say, book the shoot!


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